Mencari pekerjaan Indonesia

TI, Administrator

Alamat Perusahaan Appinzpire
IDR 2,000,000 - 2,800,000
Jakarta Barat

Membantu input-input data terkait project taiwan
Analisis data

Pt Optima Prima Indonesia
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Optima Prima Indonesia
Jakarta Selatan

Strong verbal skills proven ability to communicate with technical and non-technical staff
Create design flow, design Form/UI/Design Layout
Perform network system development, improvement and evaluation of computer objects, installations, and software
Ability to work both independently and within a team environment
Understanding Database Programming and Network system

Pt Lawencon
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Lawencon
Jakarta Selatan

Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, Application Architecture Diagrams and other required documentation
Work closely with the team concerned to ensure application development goes as planned
Coordinate and communicate effectively with the internal developer team, vendors and related parties
Provide support regarding the preparation and execution of tests, including in the preparation of test scenarios and test scripts
Coordinating with business units, vendors and related parties in the process or clarifying the functions of the system being developed
Prepare documentation related to system development in accordance with the applicable SDLC, including but not limited to FSD, TSD, Database Relationship
Assisting the Project Manager in preparing the required project documentation
Assisting companies in analyzing operational risk from a functional point of view

Company Confidential
Alamat Perusahaan Company Confidential
IDR 5,000,000 - 7,000,000

Bertanggung jawab atas daily operation dan pengembangan system IT Perusahaan

Finfleet Teknologi Indonesia Pt
IT Support - Jakarta Finfleet Teknologi Indonesia Pt
IDR 4,000,000 - 5,000,000
Jakarta Timur | Bandung | Depok

Melakukan Instalasi Aplikasi atau Software System yang telah dibuat
Menyelesaikan permasalahan yang berkaitandengan Software.
Sebagai pendamping User pada saat implementasi Software
Menanggapi semua keluhan user apabila terjadi error
Dapat mengelola system aplikasi database
Memberikan pelatihan software kepada user
Mencaatat kekurangan aplikasi dan melaporkam kepada develover
Membuat query report / dashboard report
Memahami bahasa programan

Pt Dana Pinjaman Inklusif
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Dana Pinjaman Inklusif
Jakarta Barat

Troubleshoot technical & network problem.
Install some software and set up the laptop with windows/ Linux/ Mac operating system.
Maintain IT Assets
Establish & Maintain good working relationship with internal IT divisions, between other divisions and vendors

Pt Graha Esa
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Graha Esa
Jakarta Utara


Pt Lawencon
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Lawencon
Jakarta Selatan

Software Testers are required to document and replicate every glitch they encounter.
Software tester positions, taking a software through everyday usage to ensure no bugs or glitches exist that would present problems for users.
Software Testers work to test a wide ranges of programs and can do automatic testing.

Pt Mitracomm Ekasarana Business Process Service
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Mitracomm Ekasarana Business Process Service

Deskripsi Pekerjaan
Provide single contact of service enquiries and day to day support on all issues and requests related to the system and the services, including operation support ,technical advice, problem resolution, escalation, incident management, problem management and security management
via telephonic/web/email/fax enquiries.
Escalate problems to 2nd and 3rd level support with agreed SLA if necessary.
Trouble shooting PC hardware, notebook,PDA, Printer/print server,MS win, internet browser,standard microsoft software,lotus notes clients and other inhouse application problems
Logging of service calls and documentation of all user requests and incident/problem resolutions.
Able to work shift including weekends and public holidays.

Asaba Group
Alamat Perusahaan Asaba Group
Jakarta Pusat

Resolving problems with networks
Analyze and diagnose technical issues and give fast problem resolution

Mission Consultancy Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Alamat Perusahaan Mission Consultancy Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd
IDR 20,000,000 - 30,000,000

Job description
Mission Consultancy Services Malaysia is looking for an experienced SAS 9.3/9.4 administrator and technical expert in installation, configuration, and maintenance of SAS Enterprise BI Server and also provide End User Support for various SAS products (SAS EBI, EM, EDM or ESP) and also liaise with the In Country and Regional SAS support teams .
This position is for one of our clients which is one of the largest Malaysian Commercial Bank and you will be working in Bank’s premises, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The SAS Platform Administrator/Architect will be responsible for providing overall SAS platform Architecture and Administrative support. Primary duties include maintenance, enhancements installation and support quick architecture changes for SAS Products (EBI, EM, ESP, EG). Also includes providing SAS platform security management, SAS application and underlying infrastructure support and ensuring processes are aligned and complaint with internal policies as well as regulatory requirements.
Hands on experience in supporting for SAS maintenance, installation, upgrades, user support, resolving technical issues, working with SAS technical support team, Internal IT and provided technical support to operation team for automation and deployment of solutions.
Routine administration, monitoring, maintenance, and tuning of the SAS Enterprise BI server (9.3/9.4) Platform and knowledge in SAS applications (SAS EBI, EM, EDM or ESP)
Design solutions to reduce the operational and management complexity of the platform and to increase reliability and performance
Perform new installations and upgrades as needed and routinely apply hot fixes
Manage automated job scheduling
Provide leadership and direction with respect to architecture, design, and implementation for the SAS Platform
Design, implement, and maintain platform security through SAS metadata and Windows OS
Perform platform capacity planning
Lead efforts to provide SAS technical and programming support to users
Collaborate with IT and database administrators to support ongoing operations

Kobus Smart Service Pt
IDR 4,600,000 - 5,000,000
Jakarta Selatan | Malang | Palembang | Bangkalan | Mamuju | Kotabaru

- Melakukan monthly audit terkait sistem datacenter, database, dan network - Melakukan monitoring & reporting terkait batch & job Proses
- Membuat Renewal IT Infra license & Vendor Review Quartely dokumen

Persolkelly Recruitment Indonesia
Alamat Perusahaan Persolkelly Recruitment Indonesia
IDR 7,000,000 - 8,000,000

• Provide second-level IT support for business users; resolving incidents and fulfilling service requests as part of Incident Management and Request Fulfillment processes
• Perform periodic maintenance activities as part of IT Service Delivery
• Provide root cause analysis (RCA) on recurring incidents and problems, and drive the implementation of the permanent resolution for the incident/s, as part of Problem Management
• Implementation of various endpoint IT changes, and fulfilling IT Change Tasks as part of Change Management and Release & Deployment processes
• Continuously document troubleshooting solutions and other IT documents as part of Knowledge Management process
• Maintain the accuracy of the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) as part of Service Asset & Configuration Management processes
• Conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) coordination and other business-facing test activities (e.g. Post Validation Testing, User Experience Testing) after implementation of IT Changes

Pt Bahtera Pesat Lintasbuana
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Bahtera Pesat Lintasbuana
IDR 4,600,000 - 5,500,000
Jakarta Selatan

Berkoordinasi dengan bagian IT support untuk mengetahui segala kebutuhannya
Membuat laporan terkait kebutuhan IT

Pt Breindo Jaya Teknik
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Breindo Jaya Teknik
IDR 5,000,000 - 5,500,000

- Memastikan bahwa semua komputer yang digunakan oleh pengguna terhubung ke jaringan
- Melakukan pengecekan saat sistem yang dipakai sedang berfungsi
- Melakukan perbaikan jika ada kerusakan komputer maupun sistem yang digunakan
- Memastikan komputer yang digunakan dapat berfungsi normal/berjalan seperti seharusnya
- Input data ke dalam sistem/program yang digunakan perusahaan

Pt Megah Nurindo Pratama
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Megah Nurindo Pratama
Jakarta Utara

- Memonitor jaringan, CCTV, PC, Server dan Hardware
- Me-maintain database perusahaan
- Me-maintain jaringan dan trouble shooting
- Pengembangan internal sistem
- Melakukan perbaikan hardware dan software
- Dan tugas-tugas lain sesuai perintah atasan

Pt Berkat Technica Abadi
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Berkat Technica Abadi
IDR 6,000,000 - 7,000,000

Job Description
Maintain, Monitor, Troubleshoot & secure our rapidly expanding infrastructure and User Support
Providing recommendations for improving the companys IT system
Collecting IT usage, log, statistic on windows, any server and remote server
Electronic Data Interchange

Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen

Saat ini klien kami, Bank Jatim
, sedang mencari talenta terbaik untuk menempati posisi IT Developer Office
Menyusun dan mengelola pengembangan sistem TI sesuai dengan perkembangan bisnis serta pelaksanaan evaluasi atas efektivitas sistem aplikasi bisnis yang diimplementasikan di Bank Jatim.

Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen

Saat ini klien kami, Bank Jatim
, sedang mencari talenta terbaik untuk menempati posisi IT Database Administrator Officer
Menyusun dan mengelola sistem dan operasional perangkat terkait sistem TI, operasional dan administrasi TI untuk memastikan pengelolaan operasional data dan sistem TI Bank Jatim berjalan lancar.

Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen

Saat ini klien kami, Bank Jatim
, sedang mencari talenta terbaik untuk menempati posisi Junior Officer IT Security
Menciptakan sistem TI yang aman melalui koordinasi pengembangan strategi, kebijakan dan rancangan sistem keamanan yang terpercaya serta operasionalisasi sistem keamanan yang handal dan sesuai dengan prosedur untuk meningkatkan efektivitas dan efisiensi TI Bank Jatim.

Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Daya5 Rekrutmen

Saat ini klien kami, Bank Jatim
, sedang mencari talenta terbaik untuk menempati posisi Junior Officer IT Business Analyst
Menyusun dan mengelola pengembangan strategi TI dan melakukan supervisi dalam menjaga keselarasan antara strategi bisnis perusahaan dengan strategi teknologi informasi sehingga tercipta business value sesuai tujuan perusahaan.

Pt Sejahtera Mitra Solusi
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Sejahtera Mitra Solusi
Jakarta Pusat

Menerima & mengumpulkan informasi business problem dari client dan stakeholder
Menganalisa permasalahan yang timbul dan menterjemahkan hasil analisa kedalam bentuk spesifikasi dokumen (FSD).

Pt Sukses Jaya Copierindo
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Sukses Jaya Copierindo
Jakarta Selatan

• Mampu menganalisa cara kerja dan system kerja tekhnik sebuah mesin dan CREATIVE
• Mampu menemukan Problem Solving dan penyelesaiannya
• Menservice mesin setiap harinya didalam dan luar kantor sesuai target yang diberikan perusahaan kunjungan per harinya
• Memantainance/merawat mesin sewa di area Jabodetabek khusus Rental & Jual
• Membuat system cara kerja mesin yang lebih efektif
• Mendemokan dan mentraining cara kerja mesin fotokopi multifungsi Copy Print Scan & Fax
Benefit : Salary take homepay minimal 4juta, Bonus Akhir Tahun & Tambahan Bonus per Tgl 15, BPJS Kesehatan & Ketenagakerjaan

Staff Admin Digital Marketing Social Media Agenbajugamis
IDR 1,000,000 - 2,000,000

Senang Dengan Dunia Digital Marketing ?
Jadilah Staff Admin Digital Marketing Social Media di Agenbajumurah Hanya Jika Anda :
Memiliki Mindset Positif
Suka dengan Dunia Komputer dan Pemasaran
Dan Memiliki Keinginan Kuat Untuk Belajar dalam membuat strategi dan mengeksekusi facebook/instagram ads , google ads
Agen Baju Murah adalah salah satu perusahaan teknologi start-up e-commerce yang cepat berkembang di Indonesia.
Didirikan pada pertengahan 2012, Dan Fokus dalam bidang Fashion :
- Dikenal Sebagai Suplier yang memiliki Pelayanan dan Produk Berkualitas
- Memiliki Komunitas Reseller di seluruh indonesia dan Asia, 4500+ Member Terdaftar
Dan Lebih dari 15000 Reseller
- Produk Berkualitas pengiriman Seluruh Indonesia
- Bisa Photoshop / Corel ( Diutamakan )
- Pria/Wanita,Single, 19 - 29 Tahun
- Senang Berinteraksi dengan Team
- Sudah Pernah Ber-Iklan Instagram ads
- Mengetahui dunia Marketing
- Suka tantangan dan memiliki banyak ide di kepala
- Sudah Pernah Ber-Iklan Facebook ads ( Diutamakan )
- Memiliki Kepribadian yang menyenangkan, dapat bekerja dengan cepat,
- Terbiasa Menggunakan Sosial Media ( Diutamakan )
- Takut kepada Allah dan shalat 5 waktu
Benefit :
- Tunjangan Hari Raya
- Bonus Performa Kinerja / Disiplin
- Gaji Pokok
- Uang Makan
- Laptop dan Tablet Kerja
- Jenjang Karir
Deksripsi Pekerjaan :
-> Merencanakan dan mengembangkan strategi Komunikasi Promosi Sosial Media (copywriting)
-> Memasang Iklan di Platform Fb ads, Ig Ads.
-> Split Test Fb ads dan Menemukan Pola Wining Campaign untuk Scale Up
-> Menyiapkan Konten Iklan Yang Menarik di sosial media dan online
-> Bekerjasama Mengembangkan Aktivitas Iklan dengan Divisi lain,
-> Mengukur Kinerja Iklan Sosial Media
-> Membuat Laporan Aktivitas harian, Iklan, dan pertumbuhan data iklan
*Penempatan di :
Office & Gudang Pusat
Jl.Wijaya Kusuma Ruko azzores Perum. Banjar wijaya Blok B.17.A Nomor 14 kec.cipondoh kota tangerang*
Jam Kerja : Senin - Sabtu (8.30 - 18.00)
Libur : Hari Minggu
Jenis Pekerjaan: Penuh Waktu, Fresh Grad, Permanen
Gaji: Rp1.800.000 - Rp3.000.000 per bulan
Jenis Pekerjaan: Penuh Waktu, Kontrak, Fresh Grad
Gaji: Rp150.000.000 - Rp250.000.000 per bulan

Pt Lawencon
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Lawencon
Jakarta Selatan

Prepare and conduct Java training programs.
Deploy training to targeted student or personnel.
Conduct presentations and webinars.
Prepare training material and classroom agenda.
Assess training needs and certification requirements.
Assist in design of Java software-based curriculum.
Create instructor materials (course outlines, background material, instructional materials, and training aids).
Provide IT Training (especially Programming Language such as Java, Angular, React).
Mentor other instructors in the subject matter, content, and course delivery techniques for assigned technical courses.
Ensure the quality and consistency of course content throughout a course life cycle.
Continuously enhance technical instructional delivery and presentation skills.
Manage the training program in accordance with business needs, regulatory requirements, and Quality Management System.
Handling Bootcamp class.
Test process with different subjects.
Plan and direct classroom training, electronic learning, multimedia programs, and other computer-aided instructional technologies, simulators, conferences and workshops.
You may have to travel as part of the work, especially when employed by a specialist training provider or international organization.

Asaba Group
Alamat Perusahaan Asaba Group
Jakarta Pusat

Resolving problems about IT
Analyze and diagnose technical issues and give fast problem resolution

Pt Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk.
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Millenium Pharmacon International Tbk.
Jakarta Selatan

• Provide support related to departmental functions.
• Installing local network and internet connection.
• carry out tasks as directed by superiors, conduct regular communication with branches to obtain input related to Oracle''s performance
• Perform routine maintenance and checks on all hardware and software used at the head office
• communicate with vendors as a reference if there is a need within the company as well as assist and support management in the implementation of ISO 9001: 2015.
• related to relevant policies, procedures and activities to ensure that certification continues in a sustainable manner
• ensure that the register is always updated according to the existing hardware and records any improvements to the company''s hardware.

Pt Lawencon
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Lawencon
Jakarta Selatan

Ensures appropriate documentation for all development and modification
Ensures integrity and security of institutional data
Develops or modifies data models, ETL processes, and BI tool solutions
The responsibilities listed are a general overview of the position and additional duties may be assigned

Pt Handal Guna Sarana
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Handal Guna Sarana
IDR 4,000,000 - 5,000,000
Jakarta Selatan

• Develoment aplikasi dan maintenance aplikasi sistem
• Menggunakan bahasa C# dan SQL

Pt Handal Guna Sarana
Alamat Perusahaan Pt Handal Guna Sarana
Jakarta Selatan

Bertanggung jawab dalam pembuatan dan pengembangan operasi, database, maupun system aplikasi
Membuat, mengembangkan/ mengupgrade sistem program
Membuat (develop & testing) aplikasi