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Rekrut Social Media Specialistdi dalam - Papamama

Gaji IDR 5,000,000 - 6,000,000
posisi Staf
Membentuk Sepanjang waktu
Batas waktu pengiriman 04-06-2022
Uraian Tugas
Deskripsi Pekerjaan
Job Description:
Create and publish content on all social media platforms, including Instagram, Tiktok, and new social media apps to grow audience, build brand awareness.
Tracking metrics and insight for engagement, impressions, save and share, and also characteristic of the content from each social media platform.
Actively interact with customers/followers and audience with persuasive content, or joining relevant conversations through daily Instagram Stories and another feature provided by Instagram. As well as implement it into other social media.
Build customer engagement and intimacy, increase website traffic and Instagram revenue with Social Media strategy.
Work closely with the design team to assist how the social media content design will be.
Conduct Social Media campaigns & Activation to increase engagement and brand trust.
Devising strategy, community management, creative directing, customer service, copywriting, and analyzing data.
Fully responsible to handle Instagram tactics to meet companies or brand goals.
Build a brand voice and create content that resonates with your audience
Ensuring that posts are scheduled regularly and at optimal days and times on specific channels.
Actively experiment with new content and optimize high-performing posts.
MUST BE a mom/mother
At least 2 years experience in Social Media and content creator.
Fully interested in Social Media Management. Not only creating and upload the content, but also the part of analyzing the insight and metrics.
Has the ability to strategizing, engaging, creating, scheduling, listening, measuring, and experiment.
Up-to-date with marketing, social media, and social-lifestyle trends.
Familiar with creative design and content for social media, and editorial content as well.
Excellent in copywriting and content marketing.
Strong knowledge of online marketing and a good understanding of major marketing channels.
Positive attitude, detail, customer-oriented, and good multitasking.
Responsible and able to work under pressure
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