Rekrut Marketing and Public Relation (Internship)di dalam - Pt Linov Roket Prestasi

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Batas waktu pengiriman 15-07-2022
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Job Description :
Build and maintain relationships with consumers, communities, employees, and public interest groups.
Find potential partners/collaborators and build a list of target markets including: KOL/content creators/and corporate companies.
Collaboration with the marketing team to brainstorm related marketing strategies.
Generate innovative ideas to promote products.
Conduct market research and effective marketing strategies.
Active in sharing ideas / content concepts / social media activation (IG, TikTok, YouTube).
Job Qualifications :
Strong strategic planning and analytical skill background especially in term of marketing.
Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).
Familiarity with marketing trends and techniques.
Candidate must possess at least Diploma, Bachelor''s Degree in Marketing, Communication, or similar field.
Social media savvy.
Persyaratan keterampilan
Marketing Communications