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Rekrut Junior Cloud Engineerdi dalamBandung - Cloud Comrade

Cloud Comrade
Bandung, Indonesia
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Gaji: Setuju
Batas waktu pengiriman:04-09-2021
Membentuk:Sepanjang waktu
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Job Descriptions:
Your job will be to setup, manage, and maintain servers and infrastructure on the Cloud; incl. storage and network, as well as OS, web servers and databases.
You will evaluate and recommend the best solution for our customers, while observing all aspects of security, functionality, risk and cost.
we need you to actively support customer''s migration to the cloud, moving data and workloads without affecting their daily operations, sometimes after-hours.
You need to keep your contacts update along the way and provide comprehensive documentation of work progress and results.
we are looking for new members to our team which are willing to learn, able to help and have the mindset of an entrepreneur.
Docker / Packer, Kubernetes, ...
AWS, GCP, MS Azure, Alibaba Cloud (Compute, Storage, Networking)
Linux (Suse, Redhat, ...)
MS-SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, …
Virtualization (VMWare, Hyper-V, …)
NoSQL, MongoDB, ...
Basic knowledge of IT Project Management (ITIL, IT4IT, ITSM Tools)
Windows Server
Data Engineering / Data Analytics (Hadoop Data Migration (ETL, Messaging, API Integration, Synchronization, Clustering, Terraform / Cloudformation, Salt, ...
Coding/Scripting (Bash, PowerShell, Java, Python, …)
The preferred candidate has experience in a wide variety of technologies and tools. That does not necessarily mean he/she is proficient in cloud yet. But you need the will to learn fast and constantly. You should not be afraid, just because a tool is new to you. The role requires to understand the cloud technology but also the needs of the business.
need experience with different systems and IT operations, like configuring Linux, administrating Windows, changing firewall rules.
It will be a big plus, if you already have a Cloud certification.

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Informasi perusahaan
Cloud Comrade
Bandung, Indonesia
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