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Description Job Description: 1. Drive product vision and prioritize roadmap based on market opportunity to shape the future. 2. Create Product Requirement Documents (PRDs) with clarity on objective and execution details for all stakeholders. 3. Integrate usability studies, research and market analysis into product requirement. 4. Launch product improvements on regular basis, including improving customer conversion funnel. 5. Measure key metrics that inform the success of products. 6. Monitor product implementation and ensure timely progress. 7. Establish shared vision with all stakeholders to align overall roadmap based on priority and effort needed. Requirements 1. Up to 2 years of relevant experience, available for fresh graduate. 2. Problem solver with clear structure and analytical skills. 3. Strong communication skill, both verbally and in writing. 4. Proactive to make things happen and critical in ensuring progress. 5. Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or technical field is preferred.