Marketing (Inspection) Jobs
By Control Union Indonesia At Jakarta Raya, Indonesia
Present to and consult with mid and senior level management on business trends with a view to developing new services.
Offer support/information/completion of any strategic projects and business plans, working closely with operations teams.
Using knowledge of the market and competitors, identify and develop the company’s unique selling propositions and differentiators.
Preferably working knowledge in inspection industry.
Communication skills and networking ability.
Overseeing and developing marketing campaigns in inspection services
District Marketing Jobs
By realme Indonesia At Denpasar, Indonesia
1-3 years' of marketing experience
Excellent writing and communication skills
Strengthen our relationship with clients and company partnerships
Plan and execute campaigns and events
Track, analyze and report the success of those campaigns and events
Create online and offline marketing content
Marketing Satff Jobs
By BullishFx At Jakarta Barat, Indonesia

PT.SAI CORPORATION,BULISSH FX JOB RESPONSIBILITIES : - Edukasi mengenai transaksi (termasuk peluang dan resiko) dalam perdagangan Berjangka dan Komoditi baik itu Multirateral maupun SPA ( Bilateral ...

Referral Marketing Salesperson Jobs
By Supahabu Natura At Indonesia

SUPAHABU didirikan sebagai perusahaan afiliasi dari Nucleus Farma yang memproduksi obat-obatan herbal dan suplemen alami di Indonesia yang merupakan Perusahaan Indonesia pertama yang mempunyai FDA ...

Franchise Marketing Jobs
By PT Green Energi Utama At Area DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Franchise Marketing Green Energi Utama is a leading Indonesian Company that works in managing and exporting Used Cooking Oil. Our main goal is to make biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil. We strive to ...

Marketing Jobs
By PT. Untung Terus Sejahtera At Bogor, Indonesia
Manage the sales process, politely respond to questions/inquires raised by customers, and close every sale with potential customers.
Min. 3 years experience in sales, marketing, or related field.
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Customer and Personnel Service skills
Build relationships and keypartners to get new customers
Maintain relationship and order from existing customer
Marketing Jobs
By PT. Prawathiya Karsa Pradiptha At Kota Bekasi, Indonesia

Company Description: PT Prawathiya Karsa Pradiptha was established in February 2011, focusing on Enterprise Business Solution, IT Professional Service, IT Managed Service, Education Center, Cloud ...

Marketing Engineer Jobs
By Ragdalion Technology At Cikarang Kota, Indonesia
Build strong network to ensure sales performance and achieve sales target.
Able to do marketing research and identify potential new market and opportunities.
Managing the relationship with costumer.
Make analysis and report sales achievement.
Identify new sales opportunity and develop new prospect leads in many industry and manufacture that needs improvement system
Take ownership of customer issues and follow-through till resolution
Marketing Freeline Jobs
By Madu Tabarrukan At Pati, Indonesia
1-3 years' of marketing experience
Excellent writing and communication skills
Strengthen our relationship with clients and company partnerships
Plan and execute campaigns and events
Track, analyze and report the success of those campaigns and events
Create online and offline marketing content
Marketing Liaison Jobs
By Alterbrain.idn At Jakarta Raya, Indonesia

Job description The ideal candidate will be a creative and analytical thinker. Offers provided are professional career opportunities including unlimited commission and bonus with the following ...

Marketing Pakan Jobs
By PT East Hope Agriculture Surabaya At Mojokerto, Indonesia

Company Description: EAST HOPE berusaha mengimplementasikan pengembangan konsep ilmiah dalam penerapannya, yaitu berkualitas, cepat dan hemat. Untuk menciptakan industri re-cycling, pemanfaatan penuh ...

Affilliate Marketing Jobs
By Career Network At Indonesia
Memiliki kemampuan mempengaruhi dan komunikasi yang baik
Memiliki keahlian dalam bidang pemasaran dan penjualan
Diperbolehkan sedang bekerja / masih dalam pendidikan (mahasisa/i)
Memiliki komputer/hp dan koneksi internet
Dijadikan sebagai Affilliate Marketing permanen
Career Network memberikan kesempatan untuk bergabung bersama kami menjadi AFFILLIATE MARKETING.
Marketing Api Jobs
By Gmm Human care pharmaceuticals At Jakarta, Indonesia
The Candidate must have adequate knowledge and experience in the field Of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient).
2-5 years' of marketing experience
Excellent writing and communication skills
Must have experience in API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient).
Strengthen our relationship with clients and company partnerships
Collecting Data Of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers.
Marketing Reprentative Jobs
By Nutrifood At Ngawi, Indonesia
Fresh Graduate / Experienced with Diploma / Bachelor's degree from any major.
Have great communication and interpersonal skill.
Organization/volunteer experience is a must, a leading role will be an advantage.
Initiative, curious, and a fast learner
Social media savvy and digital marketing enthusiast
East Java citizen is more preferable
Marketing (Sukoharjo) Jobs
By PT Tecma Mitratama Advertindo At Sukoharjo, Indonesia

Company Description: Tecma berdiri pada 1 Desember 1989, bergerak di bidang advertising yang berfokus pada Out Of Home Media (OOH Media) dan terdaftar sebagai Perusahaan Perseroan Terbatas. Kami ...

Marketing Executor Jobs
By MNC Media At Area DKI Jakarta, Indonesia

Min 1 year experience as Marketing Executor, Broadcast Production

Min Bachelor Degree (S1) from Broadcast, Marketing, Communication

Gm Marketing (Tobacco) Jobs
By Robert Walters At Jakarta, Indonesia
Work closely with the Country Manager to develop a country-wide marketing strategy and targets
Exceptional in strategic thinking, analytical process, commercial acumen, business development, presentation and negotiation skills
Strong written and communication skills, fluency in English, able to communicate well with regional and global counterparts
Results-driven, high initiative skills while able to work under pressure and multitask in a fast-paced environment
Focus on the development of product marketing as well as launching of products
Oversee social media marketing strategy, content creation and marketing
It Marketing Jobs
By Garap Digital Nusantara At Depok, Indonesia
Memiliki ketertarikan dengan bisnis IT
Mampu mengoperasikan microsoft office (PPT, Word, Excel)
Memiliki kemampuan desain poster, flyer, dan sejenisnya
Pengalaman dalam penjualan produk atau layanan teknologi informasi.
Kemampuan komunikasi yang baik, termasuk kemampuan presentasi dan negosiasi.
Kemampuan analisis dan pemecahan masalah yang baik.
Marketing Jobs
By PT Medika Maesindo Global At Temanggung, Indonesia
* For Marketing Local Market, willing to work around in Indonesia and have work experience :
Min 2 year in Disposable Medical Devices company
Min 2 year in Industrial product Distribution
MIn 2 year in Beauty Salon & Spa Distribution
Min 2 year in Spundbond Non Woven Manufacture
Min 2 year in export manufacturing
Marketing Communicative Jobs
By PT. Papua Utama Mitra At Mimika Barat, Indonesia

Company Description: P.T. Pangansari Mitra Industri Ternak (P.T. PMIT), berdiri pada tahun 1995 dengan Akta Pendirian Perusahaan No. 14 Notaris Jacinta Susanti, S.H., tanggal 06 Desember 1995 dan ...

Are you an experienced marketing professional looking to take your career to the next level? We are looking for a VP of Marketing to join our team and help us reach our ambitious goals. If you are a creative, strategic thinker with a passion for driving growth and success, this is the perfect opportunity for you!

A VP of Marketing is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales. They are also responsible for overseeing the marketing budget, managing campaigns, and leading the marketing team.

What is Marketing Skills Required?

• Strategic thinking
• Leadership
• Communication
• Analytical skills
• Project management
• Budgeting
• Digital marketing
• Creative problem solving

What is Marketing Qualifications?

• Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business, or related field
• 5+ years of experience in marketing
• Proven track record of successful marketing campaigns
• Knowledge of marketing principles and best practices
• Experience with digital marketing tools and techniques
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team

What is Marketing Knowledge?

• Knowledge of marketing principles and best practices
• Understanding of customer segmentation and targeting
• Knowledge of digital marketing tools and techniques
• Understanding of the competitive landscape
• Knowledge of industry trends and developments

What is Marketing Experience?

• 5+ years of experience in marketing
• Proven track record of successful marketing campaigns
• Experience with digital marketing tools and techniques
• Experience managing marketing budgets
• Experience leading and managing a team

What is Marketing Responsibilities?

• Develop and execute